Our Most Enjoyable PhotoShoot (1st Drop – SS18 Collection)

An exciting summer ahead from us at deeps. This red hoodie is the 1st drop as part of our SS18 Spring/Summer Collection. Available to order Next Monday 19.00 GMT 9th April. We’re only stocking a limited quantity for a short period of time. Once they’ve sold out we’ll be releasing the next product drop.

Every Telling has a story

So basically we found some random people, put a hoodie on them, asked them to look at the camera, took some pics, and ta-da we have euphoria.

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Out here grinding. Tryna see queen Lizzie on the regs.


At the early stages of deeps, we ironed the print of the first few prototypes and what came next was a calamity. The garms got hurt. So, when you cop one, don’t iron on the bloodclart print or sleeves, otherwise, your hoodie will take a massive L. Demonstrated by the random guy above.

Don’t forget to finesse a Barclays Card and cop one Monday 9th April before they’re all gone. But no need to worry if you miss out, as it may get brought back in the far far future. EASY!

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