Speaking to: Yugi

The young rapper from the shadow realm has struck lightning on the music scene with his last mixtape: Pixelated City. We round up a few questions, diving deep into his mind.

1) First of all, why the name Yugi?

It’s in reference to the character Yugi from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh, and I’ve loved Yu-Gi-Oh from ever since I can remember (photo). I’ve resonated with the character Yugi, as he’s got a voice inside his head and I do believe same with me. Everything that is Yugi is me so it was an easy choice. I thought cool, that would be a sick name.

2) What influence you to start your music?

One day I thought, fuck it ima start writing some bars and making my own beats. I’ve always loved music as my mum was always banging on a range of music from artists such as R.E.M, Whitney Houston, Shakir Khan. I’d say my main influence would be people who rap sometimes but are more about just making music. An early rap artist I can remember being put onto was Childish Gambino, then Tyler The Creator. I really like listening and vibing with people that create crazy shit.

3) How you describe your style?

I Wouldn’t really say I have one specific style. I just do whatever the fuck I like. One artist that’s really inspired me is XXXTentacion because that guy does whatever he fancies. I just want to illustrate that there are different sides to me.

4) You released your first mixtape pixelated city, how did it come about?

It literally came out of nowhere. The mixtape though translates sonically into a day in the life of Yugi and how he perceives the day. If you listen to the tracks, it literally takes people from day to night time.

5) What is your Favourite song from the pixelated city mixtape?

Inside the puzzle and dirty dickies because I laid down the hardest bars on there.

6) You speak a lot about the shadow realm, could you shine the light on meaning?

In it own Essene the shadow realm is a dark other dimension in Yu-Gi-Oh where people who possess the Millennium Items can take others into the shadow realm. Pharoes would go there to have duels or reflect on situations. I just translate the shadow Realm into my own brain trying to take people into my mind with my music.

7) If you could collaborate with another artist past or present who would it be?

MF Doom, in my eyes, is the greatest rapper of all time. I’d simply like to collaborate with people who I’d vibe with like my boys Sondliwe & Pertrelli.

8) Looking further down the line, what does the future hold for Yugi?

I just want to enforce being a regular guy. Making good work, watching Yu-Gi-Oh, galactic football, spending time with my People. I’m just taking it as it goes. I guess we shall all see in the future.

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